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Same Day Crowns


Our office uses a Primescan, the latest CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/Computer assisted machine) technology for completing a crown for our patients in one appointment. Instead of taking an impression of the patient’s mouth with a tray of impression material, the Primescan uses a digital scanner to create a MORE ACCURATE 3D digital model.

With an impression, a patient would need a temporary crown made, and would then have to return in 2 weeks to remove the temporary crown, and put in their permanent crown.  With the digital model, we can design the crown on-site in minutes using digital software, then send the design to our Mill. Here, the crown is milled from the material chosen based on individual patient/tooth requirements. This takes only a few minutes, and the crown is then ready to put on the tooth immediately.

The process is done from start-to-finish in one appointment, and the final product is high strength and digitally accurate. Esthetically, the crowns are colour matched to the patient’s existing teeth and look like their natural teeth.