Financial Coordinator



Tamara is our accounts manager extraordinaire here at the office and has been here so long she doesn’t really remember what life was like before The Parks Dentistry. Somedays, she is even unsure where The Parks begin and she ends. And vice versa.

Tamara brings her passion for people, business and numbers to her role here with us. She has been a dedicated employee and great leader here for many years and we are so glad she has chosen to spend so many years with us, growing and adapting her role.

Outside of our four walls, Tamara enjoys spending time with her 3 beautiful children, her adorable dog and her lovable cat. She loves hiking, being around the water, is a pretty awesome softball player and even dabbles a bit on the ice, playing hockey.

Much like the deep ocean, Tamara is a mysterious enigma, and she really prefers it this way. Even asking her for information for this bio was (get this) like pulling teeth. She brings her infectious laughter and energy with her to work every day, but sadly is usually tucked away in her office crunching numbers. She asked for a basement office underground, but as of now that has not been part of the office’s layout. If you happen to see Tamara kicking around though, above ground, feel free to ask her about her broom trick because it is mighty impressive!